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Cute caterpillar bath head band – DIY

This lock down period has given me some additional roles. I became my daughter’s teacher (home schooling) , my son’s nursery nurse and a full time janitor, cook and what not! All these inside a 2 bedroom apartment minus one room (that is now my husband’s office)!

Though it is all unexpected and never imagined, I am okay to do this. I have no complains. Because, I feel this is do-able and bearable unlike people living in war-hit areas! After all, we are only advised to ‘stay home’ to save lives!

Panic is unavoidable. But it cant be all over! So I try and focus on finishing some of the projects that have been put off forever in the ‘normal life’.

This bath head band for my little daughter is one such! Initially the idea was only to make a simple head band with one print of fabric and a bias all around. But, my daughter made a paper caterpillar and kept it alongside my bath band and played. Ta da! I got my inspiration 🙂

Supplies needed:
  • Measure the head circumference (mine is 20”)
  • Decide the size of your finished circles (for the caterpillar) and add 1/2″ for seam allowance. I wanted my finished circles to be 2″ and so I cut 2.5″ circles
  • Each circle in the caterpillar needs two pieces of 2.5″ circular fabrics. Hence, for 20″ head circumference, I needed 12*2 circles considering the overlapping and the fastening.
  • Cut
  • Have couple of them extra
  • Sew each circle by keeping the pretty sides together.
  • Once done, snip all around the seam for easy turning
  • Using sharp scissors, carefully make a slit at the back of each circle (without damaging the front piece).
  • Carefully turn them inside out.
  • Steam press or iron if needed.
  • Do this for all circles
  • Cut out pieces of felt and paste them over the slits to secure them. (I used hot glue).
  • Now align the circles with slight overlapping with each other and check the length.
  • Add or remove one or two circles if needed (remember the bath head band overlaps while fastening, unlike an elastic head band)
  • Using felt, cut out and stick eyes, mouth and the antennae; Stick them on the head piece (first circle) using hot glue.
  • On the back of the head piece, paste or hand sew the ‘hook tape’
  • On the top of the last tail piece (last circle), paste the ‘loop tape’.
  • Your bath head band is ready!

And here is my inspiration! (Seeing me taking pics for the blog, my daughter understood that something has to be kept near the subject while taking the pic. And she insisted this shades of hers to be kept alongside. I couldn’t argue anymore!)


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