Customized Peppa Pig birthday banner

In my earlier post I explained the step by step procedure of how I made the Peppa Pig Themed birthday decor.

In this post I will explain in detail about how I made the Peppa Pig themed ‘Happy Birthday’ banner for my daughter’s birthday .

1. Collect and save the characters:
  • In ‘Google Search’, search for ‘transparent images’ of each Peppa Pig character.
  • Right click the image that you want and save it.
  • Similarly save all the characters  you want in a folder.
Be cautious while identifying the ‘transparent’ images. The best way to identify them is that, a transparent image looks with a plain white background (no background) when seen as thumbnails. Whereas when we ‘click’ open it, we can see a grey and white chequered background.
2. Insert the saved images into heart shapes
  • Open Microsoft Office PowerPoint.
  • Insert -> Shapes -> Basic Shapes -> Select and draw a ‘heart’
  • Choose the desired colour in ‘ShapeFill’ to colour the heart.
  • Insert -> Pictures -> choose an image from the ‘Peppa’s Pig Characters’ folder.

  • Drag, resize and fit the image into the heart shape such that the head portion of the character lays outside the heart whereas the body lays inside.
  • You can flip the pictures vertically and make them face right or left according to your wish
You can choose to skip the heart shape and just have the characters alone. However, that would make the cutting difficult and also the thin hands/tails/legs of the characters will get attenuated when put on the wall.
Placing the character inside a colored ‘shape’ enhances the image and makes it  prominently visible.
  • ‘Insert’ a text box on the body portion as shown in the above picture and type the letter ‘H’
  • Once you are happy with the design (a character inside the heart) and the font style, duplicate and create multiple designs. One letter each from ‘happy birthday’ in every character.
I made two images in each slide of the PowerPoint. That gave me a decent sized banner.
  • Once done with all the letters (of ‘happy birthday’), print the slides.
  • Fussy cut each of them. 

  • Now the ‘Happy Birthday’ banner is ready to be put up on the wall.
3. Name of the birthday baby in the Peppa Pig title card
  • Again, search for transparent images of  ‘Peppa Pig title card’ and save it.
  • ‘Insert’ this image into a PowerPoint slide.
  • Now, download any Peppa Pig font and write the name in a ‘textbox’ inside the title card.
  • Alternatively, if you cant download the font, there are few ‘font generator’ sites that you can make use of. It works like the following. You give your text as input and select the desired font and color. The site will generate the image of the given text in the chosen specification.
  • Input your text letter by letter and save each image in a folder
  • In your PowerPoint slide, insert the image of each of letters and arrange them the way you want.

  • Once you are happy with the name, insert Peppa Pig image or other images the way you desire.
  • I inserted the entire Peppa Pig family and arranged them around the name. You can always flip the image vertically and make it face the side you want to.


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