Peppa pig party decor DIY

Ever since we celebrated our daughter’s 4th birthday I have been wanting to post this. This got very much delayed, however I am happy that I could finally post it now.

For her birthday, I thought a lot about the theme for the back drop decoration and narrowed it down to Peppa Pig. Peppa pig is her favorite show and she is very thorough with all the characters in it.

Until I actually started putting up the decors and cut outs on the wall, I really didn’t have the intention to post it in the blog. However, as I kept doing it, I felt really so happy at the way it turned out and hence decided to post it in the blog too.

Trust me! All it needed was some basic craft supplies and a little computer knowledge. Yet it turned out very grand. Especially, the photos looked amazing!

So, here we go with the steps!

Supplies I used:
  • Paper streamers (crepe rolls) in multiple colours
  • Colour papers ( I did not have papers in the exact colours required for the peppa pig theme. Hence, I ‘filled’ the entire ‘page’ in ‘Microsoft Office Word’ with the desired colour (I used the hex codes to get the exact colour) and printed them out
  • markers in different colours
  • Red and white card stocks
  • yellow carbon paper
  • Pencil, ruler, glue and scissors
  • Additionally, a printer

I chose to make the ‘rainy day’. However, I wanted to add the rainbow too as I thought that it would look vibrant and enhance the overall look.

I made the rainbow with paper streamers. And the Peppa Pig house, the apple tree, rain drops etc were made with paper.

Peppa’s friends in the ‘Happy Birthday’ banner and my daughter’s name in the Peppa Pig’s ‘title card’ style are done in the computer.

Detailed steps:

The Rainbow
  1. As my paper streamers were not too long, I first grouped them colorwise and glued them to get real long streamers of individual colors.
  2. I stuck the streamer to the wall in an arch shape, carefully curling them as I proceeded.  This curling is very important, as it adds a good dimension to the look!
  3. To stick the streamers (and all other props) on to the wall I used ‘Blu Tack’.
  4. It was tricky to stick these streamers with the blu tacks directly on the wall. Hence, we stuck small pieces of white paper (white because it matched the colour of our wall) with blu tacks on the wall. And then stuck a small strip of cellophane tape in a ring shape over those white papers and stuck the streamers to the cellophane tape (I hope it is visible in the below pictures)

You can use ribbons, tulle or organza rolls instead of paper streamers.
The apple tree
  • First, I hand drew the apple tree.
  • Then, traced the ‘brown part’ (tree trunk) and the green part (leaves) separately on to brown and green colour papers respectively.
  • Cut and glued them together as in the picture
  • For the apples, I die cut the ‘cherries’ from the ‘CottageCutz stitched cupcakes‘ die and snipped a little of the stalk which was rather long. I loved the stitched effect! You can simply hand draw and cut the apples too!
The rain drops, clouds and The Sun
  • I cut out multiple pieces of ‘tear drop’ shapes (small and big) from blue colour paper. I used the ‘leaves’ dies from Sizzix framelits flower layers and leaves
  • However you can simply hand draw the ‘rain/tear drop’ shape and cut them out ( I would say this is rather easy. I initially thought of making a string of rain drops (rain drops stuck on a white thread) and so cut many. But that was taking lot of time and effort and hence changed to this plan)
  • The sun and the clouds were hand drawn and cut too.
Peppa pig house
  • Again, I drew the peppa pig house on yellow paper
  • Traced and cut the ‘roof’ from the red card stock. And pasted it on the ‘roof’ portion.
  • Drew vertical and horizontal lines to give the ’tiled’ look.
  • Antenna is hand drawn and cut from a brown paper
  • For the windows, I cut squares of white paper and coloured the ‘glass’ look with a sky blue marker pen. I did not mark or draw the ‘glass’ part with a ruler. Instead simply shaded it as a free hand drawing.
  • The best thing about Peppa Pig is that you don’t have to be a pro in drawing. All the images should actually be similar to a child’s drawing! That makes our job simple
    The Happy Birthday Banner and the Name
    • I designed the Happy Birthday banner and the name using Microsoft Office PowerPoint.
    • Refer this post for detailed steps.
    Some funny confessions
    As I mentioned in the beginning of this post, I did not have the plan to post this in the blog until I was halfway through it. So, I kinda ‘reworked’ on stuffs like the house, the apple tree etc after the party to get the step-by-step pictures!!
    This is the funniest thing of all. Kudos to all that noticed it in the very first look. But trust me, none of us realised this until my husband spotted this major mistake a few days ago (everything on the wall was almost torn.. My kids loved pulling them off. We didn’t bother to do a clean up as they loved to climb on a chair and tear off whatever they could reach. I mean to say that, we didn’t notice ‘it’ even until the decor has actually reached its end of life!)
    My husband was casually sipping his coffee and looking at the wall he said, ‘did you notice, we have placed the ‘rain drops’ upside down?’
    I noticed it and bursted out into laughter as I was working on the post too! Silly us!


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