Simple fabric flower

Here is an easy and step by step tutorial to make some simple fabric flowers, which can be used for various purposes.

Supplies needed :

  • Scrap fabrics in two different  colours (preferably velvet or other non-fraying materials such as fleece, felt etc)
  • Circle templates
  • Glue gun
  • Scissors
  • Fabric marking pen

Supplies Needed


  1. Trace out 6 circles of diameter 10mm (approx) in the darker fabric (trace at the wrong side of the fabric to hide the markings).
  2. Similarly, trace out 6 circles of diameter 7mm(approx) in the lighter fabric.Trace and cut cirlces
  3. Now align the circles such as the smaller one (i.e., the lighter one) lies above the bigger & darker circle (to be more technical, the two cirlces should be internally tangent)Internally tanget circles glued at the bottom
  4. Fold a small segment of the smaller circle upwards and hold it on place with your thumb. Now apply a small dot of glue at the bottom and glue the circles such that they stick only at the bottom (see the picture above)
  5. Apply a small dot of glue on the top circle at the down tip (the part where the circles were glued just now); And pinch and hold them for few seconds as shown in the picture belowglue and pinch and hold the bottom
  6. Now we have made one petal
  7. Similarly, make the other 5 petals
  8. Cut out a small circle from a piece of felt or the same velvet fabric.  Now align and glue all the petals towards the center of the felt piece. (You can even mark the center of the circle to maintain the symmetry)Glue the petals to the circle
  9. Gently remove any dirt or dried up glue that are visible.
  10. Add a button or pearl or any other embellishments at the center (optional)AIIJ8951.jpg

Your flower is now ready!

Go ahead and embellish your works or glue it to a brooch for your favourite dress or a footwear or even a hair clip!!

Here I have glued them to a pair of hair clips.


Happy crafting!

Loved these but no time to make?  You can hop on to my FB  page or instagram profile where you can buy a variety of such flowers!


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